Michele Hawley Quilting Long Arm Machine Quilter

Michele Hawley Quilting Sydney Long Arm Machine Quilter Glenfield NSWMichele started patchwork quilting many, many moons ago when she bought a book called Australian Patchwork or Australian Patchworking (something like that) and had absolutely no idea what she was doing. On buying the fabric and wadding, tried to make a placemat – the intention being to make a complete set. As with most of us (if we’re honest with ourselves) that project has long since been abandoned with glee and is now firmly wedged somewhere in the back of the cupboard!

From that early experience, the obsession with patchwork quilting was born.

The upside of that experience was when Michele’s aunty and mother decided to take up patchworking, got Michele’s daughter into patchworking and obviously needed someone to quilt for them. Thus started Michele Hawley Quilting.

Today Michele is an award winning quilter, with a thriving business and incredibly satisfied customers as you can see quite easily when viewing her quilting. With a talent for determining the most suitable quilting process for each quilt, Michele has been able to make a name for herself with some of the most gorgeous quilting in Australia.